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10.5 AMP EBI Circuit Breaker MCB | Single Pole

10.5 AMP EBI Circuit Breaker MCB | Single Pole

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Introducing the "10.5 AMP EBI Circuit Breaker MCB | Single Pole" - a highly reliable circuit breaker designed to provide robust protection for your electrical systems.


- Short Circuit Protection: This circuit breaker offers effective short circuit protection, ensuring the safety of your electrical circuits by preventing potential damage.
- Overload Protection: With its built-in overload protection, it automatically detects and prevents overloads, safeguarding your electrical installations from excessive currents.
- C Curve Design: Specifically engineered for household applications, this circuit breaker is perfectly suited for residential electrical systems, delivering optimal performance and compatibility.
- Breaking Capacity: With an impressive breaking capacity of 6000kA at 230/400 VAC, it can handle significant voltage fluctuations with ease, providing enhanced safety and reliability.

Upgrade to the 10.5 AMP EBI Circuit Breaker MCB | Single Pole and experience peace of mind, knowing that your electrical infrastructure is well-protected by this advanced circuit breaker. Trust in our product to keep your electrical systems secure, efficient, and operating at their best.

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